Picture: Canal Vista, Uxbridge, MA. Size: 22”X28” Medium: Oil,   Sold
Picture: Milford Bike Trail, Size: 16″ X 20″, Medium: Oil.     Available


Picture: Open Field  Size: 16″ X 20″,  Medium: Oil   Available


Picture:  Size: 24″X 30″, Medium: Oil on stretched canvas. Cape Cod, MA.  Available


Picture: This snow scene is from a picture that a friend let me use. Size: 16″ X 20″, Medium:  Oil on stretched canvas.   Available


Picture: Winter stream, Size: 16″ X 20″, Medium: Oil . Available


Picture: Hampton Beach N.H.  Size: 16″ X 20″  Medium: oil on stretched canvas  Available


Picture: Winter stream. Finished today. Milford MA. bike trail. Medium: Oil canvas board Size: 20″ X 16″.   Available


Picture: High above , Size: 16″ X 20″  Medium:  Oil on Canvas board.   Available


Picture: Bringing the catch in. Size:  16″ X 20″ Medium” Oil on Stretched canvas   Available


Picture: Trinity Church, Milford, MA. Size: 22″X28″ Medium: Oil,   Private Collection


Farm in Surry, N.H. 22″X28″ Oil,   Private Collection


Picture: Salisbury Beach Reservation Size: 12×24 Medium: Oil,  Available


Picture: Milford Upper Charles River Trail-4. Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,  Available


Fire and Ice ,Size: 16″X20″,  Medium: Oil, on Stretched Canvas     Available


Picture: Watts River Vermont Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,  Sold


Picture: Charles River Trail-3 Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,  Available


Picture: Heading to a New World Size: 24″X36″ Medium: Oil ,  NFS


Picture: N.H. River Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,  Available


North Hill, Readsboro, VT. 16″X20″ Oil,   Private collection


Picture: Mt. Monadnock N.H. Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,  Available



Picture: Sunrise Mendon Hill Size: 18″X24″ Medium: Oil,  Available
Thayer Family Farm, Readsboro, VT. 16″X20″ Oil,   NFS


Picture: N.H. Fall Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,   Available


Picture: Howe State Park, Plein Air Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,   Available


Picture: Blackstone River Ravine, Plein Air. Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,  Available


Picture: Sunset on dark seas  Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil  Private collection


Picture: Pine Grove Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil , Available


Picture: Charles River Trail-2 Size: 18″X24″ Medium: Oil,  Available



Picture: Blackstone Canal-1, Uxbridge, MA. Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil Private collection


Picture: Milford Sunset Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,  Available



Picture: Out of the Mist Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,   Sold


Picture: Uxbridge Canal-2 Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,  Available


Picture: Wayside Inn Pond Size: 16X20 Medium: Oil,  Available


“After the Storm” Uxbridge Canal at River Bend Farm.  Size 18″X 24″,  Medium: Oil, on Canvas.    Available